sara hennessy
robert pescovitz
tony tambi
reena dutt

assistant director - vonessa martin
stage manager - nick cernoch
lighting design - christie wright
props design - katie davies
scenic design - shawn lee
costume design - melissa teoh
sound design - doug newell

West Coast Premiere
The God Botherers
by Richard Bean
Directed by Dámaso Rodriguez
March 25-April 24, 2005

Photos by Anthony Masters
(click for slideshow)

welcome to tambia. don’t ever say you don’t believe in god, alright? they’ll think you’re mentally ill. you’re either muslim or christian. the borders don’t make any sense, there’s no rule of law, no running water, the last war’s ruined everything and the next war will ruin everything else...

"Richard Bean's irreverent, cutting-edge comedy is entertaining and informative... Botherers is the kind of play that creeps up and catches you by surprise. Without quite knowing when it happened, you're swept into the story, and playwright Bean establishes nonstop suspense in the second half."

LA Weekly
"Director Dámaso Rodriguez brings the play to surprising life in a show powered by Pescovitz's and Tambi's affecting performances."

Los Angeles Times
"Dámaso Rodriguez stages this West Coast premiere with
typical proficiency."
"vividly realized by designer Shawn Lee"

Los Angeles Magazine
"Top 10" things to do in Los Angeles (March 2005 issue)

Back Stage West
"The charm of this West Coast premiere of British
playwright Richard Bean's comedy is his distinctive,
postmodern perspective on the culture clash between
First World aid workers and Third World locals."

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