Managing Director
Nick Cernoch

Shawn Lee*

Dámaso Rodriguez*

Managing Director
Nick Cernoch

Graphic Designer & Marketing Consultant
Eric Pargac*

Grant Writer

Brad Price*

Resident Playwright
Matt Pelfrey

Marketing & Publicity
David Elzer

Artistic Council

Sara Hennessy*
Vonessa Martin*
Eric Pargac*
Brad Price*

*denotes Founding Artistic Directors

Georgia Bergman – Member since 2005. Georgia is a writer, active community volunteer and former executive of Warner Music Group. Georgia has enjoyed an enormously successful career in the music industry working with bands like The Beatles the The Rolling Stones. While working for Warner Music Group, she established and headed the Video Department in 1979 and assisted Warner-Amex in the creation of the fledgling MTV. As Vice President of Video she executive produced several thousand music videos for the label's extensive roster, which included Madonna, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart and ZZ Top. She also spent her early years working in London with the Royal Court Theatre. For Furious, Georgia is the Chair of the Furious Marketing Committee.

Thomas Castañeda – Member since 2007. Thomas has been a publicist in the motion picture industry for nearly a decade, working on such films as Brokeback Mountain and Atonement, and is an active member of the Pasadena Arts and Culture community.

Walter Cochran-Bond – Member since 2007. Walter is a lawyer specializing in employment law at his practice Cochran-Bond Law Offices. He is a graduate of the UCLA School of Law and graduated from Swarthmore College with a degree in Mathematics. Walter currently is on the Executive Board of the Labor and Employment Law Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and President of the Board of the Western Justice Center Foundation, a foundation dedicated to advancing alternative dispute resolution in courts, schools and in the community. Walter is also a past Board President of the Public Counsel Law Center, a major pro bono legal services provider in Los Angeles.

Barbara Finley – Member since 2007. Barbara is a Marketing & Business Development Consultant living in Claremont, California. She grew up in Pasadena and attended Wellesley as an undergrad and received her law degree from UCLA. She practiced corporate and business law for 10 years before going into private consulting.

Sheila Grether-Marion – Member since 2005. Sheila is Vice President of Personal Investments for Merrill Lynch and has been a professional fundraiser, a boxing promoter and is a member of the Pasadena Playhouse Board of Directors. Sheila also serves on the Furious Development Committee.

Brantley Haigh – Member since 2006. Brantley is the Managing Director of a venture capital firm and a former diplomat to the Canadian Embassy. Brantley also serves on the Furious Marketing Committee.

Robert Leventer – (Board Chair) Member since 2004. Robert is a Juvenile Court Commissioner for the County of Los Angeles and regularly sees more than 100 theatre productions per year.

Dianne Magee – Member since 2003. Dianne is President of the Pasadena Arts Council and is a member of the Board for the Armory Center for the Arts and the L.A. Children’s Chorus. Dianne is a retired lawyer and serves as the Chair of the Furious Development Committee.

Charles Pankow – Member since 2006. Charles is an active community volunteer and world traveler. He was a former private travel business owner and entrepreneur. Charles serves on the Furious Marketing and Personnel Committees.

Carl Scott – Member since 2008. Carl is a veteran of the entertainment industry.  After working for years as a Senior VP at Warner Bros. Records, he is now a talent manager and a managing partner of Simmons and Scott Entertainment.

Paul VandeventerBoard Chair – Member since 2004. Paul is the President and CEO of the nonprofit incubator, California Community Partners. Paul is also a member of the Board of Directors for CORO. Paul serves on the Furious Development Committee and chairs the Furious Board Development Committee.

Dr. Bill Wishner – Member since 2008. Bill is a medical doctor and a jazz photographer.  He is a former special consultant to the Indiana Department of Health and now consults for Amgen.