The following individuals and organizations became part of Furious Theatre history by making contributions of $100 or more during our inaugural season. They will be remembered forever on the
Furious Wall and in all future programs.

The Armory Center for the Arts
Avenue Edit
Boston Court Theatre
Christopher M. Blake
Daniel and Rose Cernoch
The City of Pasadena
Diller-Von Furstenberg Foundation
Rick and Shanda Bonn
Andrew and Janice Brooks
Richard Cooperman
Matt Crabtree
Tom Davis and Chauncey Yao
Bill and Carolina Ellis
Sean and Tonia Ellis
Jeff and Christie Gilmore
Neill and Valerie Haag
Jared Hennessy
Joe and Jane Hennessy
James Hesdon
Anneka Jenson
Joyce and Roy Johnson
Daniel Katz and Amanda Fox
Joel and Myndi Lawrence
James and Stacie Leary
Dianne M. Magee
Melanie and Tom Niland
Gerald and Sharon Pargac
Dámaso O., Lizette and Daniel Rodriguez
Zulema and Dámaso R. Rodriguez
James and Jill Schultz
Becky Streetman
Lois Tandy
Jon and Yvette Tidwell
Tom and Roxy Trujillo
USA Interactive Foundation
Lyla White

Thank You!

This program was limited to our first season.
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