Comedy Direction - Darin Anthony
Comedy Ensemble - Furious Theatre Company
Leading Female Performance - Katie Davies
Leading Female Performance - Megan Goodchild
Supporting Female Performance - Johanna McKay
Set Design - Dan Jenkins
Production Design - The U.S. Drag production team

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(in alpabetical order)
Nick Cernoch, Katie Davies, Megan Goodchild, Noah Harpster, Saffron Henke, Shawn Lee, Johanna McKay, Eric Pargac

Stage Manager: Sudro Brown II
Scenic and Lighting Designer: Dan Jenkins
Costume Designer: Christy Hauptman
Original Music and Sound Design: Doug Newell
Movement/Choreography: Jessica Hanna
Assistant Director: Dan Steele
Production Manager: Christie Wright
Photography by: Anthony Masters
Marketing and Publicity: David Elzer/DEMAND PR

West Coast Premiere
Written by Gina Gionfriddo
Directed by Darin Anthony

MUST CLOSE! -- November 22, 2008
Thursdays - Saturdays at 8 p.m.
Sundays 7:30 p.m.

"An absinthe-fueled Alice in Wonderland!"
"Delicious irreverence!"
-Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

"Scintillating comedy!...Gionfriddo's snappy dialogue is both urban and urbane, reflecting cultural values that have clearly gone off the tracks. Among the play's delightful conceits is its open question of whether the fears we shape our lives around are actually real, or our own speculative inventions."
-Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

"Quite funny at times, the play is giddier than its dark edges and cynical points might lead one to expect"
-Les Spindle, Back Stage West

"A glorious tangle it will take long conversations over a few glasses of wine to unwind, but is worth the conversation."
-Frances Baum Nicholson, Pasadena Star News

The modern quest for fame and fortune gets a Furious spin in the West Coast premiere of the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize winning play U.S. DRAG. This hilarious and witty, jet-black comedy follows Angela and Allison, two young women in Manhattan seeking love and happiness, but they'll settle for rent money. Along the way, they volunteer for a community advocacy group called SAFE (Stay Away From Ed) named for an elusive serial attacker terrorizing the city. (There's a hefty reward for his capture...) Their new circle of ?friends? includes their ruthless, socially stunted roommate; the celebrated author of a fictional memoir; a lonely man who feels kinship with crime victims; and a mousy "Ed survivor? reveling in her fifteen minutes of dubious fame. Everybody is looking for salvation in the arms of another in a group where no one has very much to give. And who is this "Ed" anyway? No one's ever seen his face, and everyone around them is beginning to act eerily "Ed-like"...

This is Ed.
Learn more about Ed, find out how to be
and watch SAFE videos at:

Furious Theatre Company, Artists in Residence at the Pasadena Playhouse Carrie Hamilton Theatre