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U.S. Premiere
Tearing the Loom
By Gary Mitchell
Directed by Brad Price
May 27-June 26, 2005

"a cutting edge worthy of Furious Theater Company"
“hard-hitting material…go-for-the-jugular quality”
“Production values maintain the high standard established by previous Furious offerings”

Back Stage West
"it's a powerful experience"

"The Furious Theatre Company delivers a production appropriate to its name"

"a brutal look at the atrocities that can be committed in the name of supposed patriotism"

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Tearing the Loom

nick cernoch
katie davies
shawn lee
vonessa martin
eric pargac
jenifer parker
robert pescovitz
michael jerome west

stage manager - kristy nolen
scenic design - melissa teoh

costume design - rachel canning
lighting design - vonessa martin & melissa teoh
sound design - doug newell
props design - sara hennessy

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